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The Fedora Project and its contributors were present in multiple areas of the OSCAL experience. Fedora took part to encourage the growth of the local Fedora community, support the efforts of existing Fedora Ambassadors and contributors, and introduce different technologies that make Fedora unique.

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to commemorate Fedora 28. Several contributors delivered talks and workshops during OSCAL. Additionally, several Fedora contributors delivered talks and workshops across both days of the conference.

Fedora organized a booth at OSCAL, along with other open source projects. During both days of the conference, Fedora contributors met and engaged with conference attendees and other open source project contributors. The Fedora booth consisted of contributors from around the world, which was a powerful way to show the diversity and size of the Fedora community. Clearance Discount Collections Sale Online Boohoo Plus Floral Wrap Tea Dress Sale Cheapest Price 2018 Online For Sale 2018 36P0JfhOsl
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participated as representatives of the Fedora Project at OSCAL.

Group photo of Fedora Project contributors and friends at OSCAL 2018

The community booth allowed us to have personalized conversations about the Fedora Project’s goals and objectives and about our community. We fielded questions about the technology in Fedora and described how Fedora innovates through our existing Buy Cheap 2018 Outlet Footlocker Pictures PRETTYLITTLETHING Crochet Beaded Maxi Dress Sale Wide Range Of 424XufMD
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was a frequent topic. Our contributors also had conversations about the Fedora community and how to make first steps to get involved.

Jona organized a release party event on Sunday. For one hour, we held an informal community meet-up over a specially designed Fedora 28 cake. Before cutting the cake, all Fedora contributors introduced themselves to the room and we explained different components of the Fedora Project and the community. Justin also explained the mission and objectives of Fedora.

After the introductions and presentation, we cut the cake and broke into smaller groups. This was a chance for conference attendees and anyone interested in the Fedora community to meet us and have conversations about the project. Even after the hour ended, the cake and conversations moved outside to the hallway. Our fellow party-goers and Fedora contributors shared contact information before cleaning up and leaving for next sessions.

Several Fedora contributors also participated as speakers. Below, you can find the speakers and their session titles:

Amita Sharma Bee Padalkar Justin W. Flory Michael Scherer Bee Padalkar, Renata Gegaj
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> From Eye Problems To Eye Patch Solutions > Children : Lazy Eye, What Parents Can Do?

Lazy eye in children is a concern for all parents. You want nothing but for your kids to be happy and healthy in all ways, especially when it comes to their vision.

Known as amblyopia, lazy eye can make you panic when symptoms appear in your child. Having as much information as possible about this condition is the best way to stay calm and to provide the appropriate care for your child.

We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the good people at PRETTYLITTLETHING Plus Nude Camo Oversized Sweater Sale From China Outlet Browse Under 70 Dollars Sale Sneakernews With Credit Card Cheap Online oPRlI
for having written the content of this page.

Although you’ve probably heard the term before, a lot of parents don’t know much about the condition itself. To understand the problem, you need to understand a little bit about how vision works.

Our eyes don’t really “see” anything. Instead, they send signals and messages about what is in the environment to the brain, which translates them almost instantly into what we “see” with our eyes. This miraculous process works smoothly most of the time, but it requires a strong connection between the eyes and the brain.

Sometimes that connection is stronger with one eye than the other eye. When that happens, the weaker eye doesn’t focus as much as the other eye so it seems to wander more.

This lack of focus is what gives the condition the common name of “lazy eye.” If left untreated, the weaker eye’s signals could eventually be ignored completely by the brain thus significantly reducing your child’s vision in that eye.

While it might not offer much comfort when you’re worried about your child’s future vision, Lazy eye in children is the most common vision problem. About 3% of all children develop lazy eye.

One of the reasons lazy eye is so common is there are a number of different possible causes. One of the most common is strabismus, where the the muscles behind the eye, which control how they turn and move, become imbalanced.

If one muscle is stronger than the other, the eyes aren’t going to work together the way they should. This might cause them to cross or to move in different directions.

Sometimes Lazy eye in children is caused when there is a structural problem with the eye. For example, a cataract can cause lazy eye even if it’s corrected surgically.

What happens is the brain realises something is causing that eye to be impaired so it starts ignoring its signals and focusing solely on the other eye. After the cataract is fixed, the brain may not realize the vision in the affected eye has improved so it continues to ignore the messages it sends.

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